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Dirty Dora was a bone witch of the Deane clan and now is a dead witch. As such she slowly loses the control over her magic powers and her body and brain are decaying steadily.

She wrote down the only memories left in her head in the second of five tales in Spook's Stories: Witches.

Dirty Dora's taleEdit

One part of her story includes Grimalkin's attack on the Fiend on the Deane's sabbath of Halloween, but though she seems to remember the witch assassin's face, she cannot bring Grimalkin's name to her mind.

The major part of Dirty Dora's memory deals with her death and the revenge on those who she considers responsible for it:

She was caught by the witchfinder Matthew Carter while threatening a farmer to give her money. After being tested, she was accused of witchcraft and hanged at Caster Castle. Her clan then collected her body and brought it to Witch Dell to return to life at the next full moon.

Initially, after her awakening, she planned to take revenge on both the farmer and Matthew Carter, but after threatening the farmer to lure the witchfinder to his house, she spared the lives of his family and send them to safety. Using her remaining dark magical powers and her new-found strength of a dead witch, she finally killed the witchfinder and his men.

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